Spigen iPhone 5S/5 Case Ultra Hybrid


The Ultra Hybrid case is the clear choice in protection for your iPhone 5S / 5. A true hybrid case, it is a perfect blend of a bumper and full enclosure case. The soft yet durable TPU bumper securely encases the device to provide excellent protection and grip while maintaining the minimalistic look of the iPhone 5S / 5. The transparent rear panel also fully protects the device while revealing the natural beauty of the iPhone 5S / 5 design along with the Apple™ logo. Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 with the best of both worlds. A stylish bumper case without compromising protection.

1)     Combination of TPU and high-grade Polycarbonate

2)     Air Cushion Technology Corners

3)     Scratch-Prevention Rear Panel Design

4)     Crystal Clear Back Panel

5)     Perfect Grip

*Please remember to remove the protection film attached to both sides of the clear panel before use



iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-black03 iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-black02 case_ultra_hybrid-black01 iph5s_case_ultra_hybrid-black

Crystal Clear

ultra_hybird_clear_5 ultra_hybird_clear_4 ultra_hybird_clear_3 ultra_hybird_clear_2 nx5_case_ultra_hybrid-crystal_clear02_1



iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-gray03 iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-gray02 iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-gray01 iphone_5s_case_ultra_hybrid-gray-graphic02


Cafe Brown

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