Spigen iPhone 5S / 5 Case Saturn

100-aluminum-back-cover Hard-Plastic Lightweight Slim

The Saturn Case for the iPhone 5S / 5 is a protective aluminum case with a modern design. The Saturn is a newly designed case that consists of both polycarbonate and aluminum parts. It is perfectly designed to fit the iPhone 5S / 5 and the blend of light polycarbonate and aluminum parts makes the Saturn an extremely slim case to use. This premium slim fit case has a very high quality feel and it does not alter the original look or feel of the device. The aluminum back panel of the Saturn gleams in the light with its metallic finish and diamond cutting design. The bottom opening of the case has easy access to earphones and cables as well.

  • Form-fitted Design for iPhone 5S / 5
  • Diamond Cutting Aluminum
  • Light and Slim Fit
  • Anodized Metallic Coating
  • Lightning Connector and Lightning-to-30 adaptors are compatible.

iphone_5s_case_saturn_Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold

iphone_5s_case_saturn-champagne_gold iphone_5s_case_saturn-champagne_gold01 iphone_5s_case_saturn-champagne_gold02 iphone_5s_case_saturn-champagne_gold03

Metal Red

iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_red iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_red01 iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_red02 iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_red03

Metal Slate

iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_slate iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_slate01 iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_slate02 iphone_5s_case_saturn-metal_slate03

Satin Silver

iphone_5s_case_saturn-stain_silver iphone_5s_case_saturn-stain_silver01 iphone_5s_case_saturn-stain_silver02 iphone_5s_case_saturn-stain_silver03