Our Team

Manuel Valencia


thinxusa_teamManuel Valencia, THINX Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, is well known in the wireless and communications industry globally. He is best recognized for his market innovations and partnerships worldwide. With over 17 years in the Mobile Phone Accessories business Manuel has developed some of the best relationships with the Big Players in the Mobile Accessory business. His leadership and guidance has taken THINX to a new Level which has made THINX one of the leaders in the Mobile Phone Accessories Industry!


You can reach Mr. Valencia at:

Blanca Radillo

Vice President Sales & Purchasing

Blanca Radillo, THINX Sales Director and Director of Purchasing, has been with the company since day one! She has over 12 years experience in the mobile phone accessories business. Blanca’s day to day activities is to make sure we meet all of our customers’ needs and to always be on top of what’s new in the wireless business. She makes sure our customers have the newest products at the best prices in the industry. Her character and professionalism is what THINX is all about!

You can reach Blanca direct anytime at: